Focus on Vasisthasana - Side Plank Pose

Vasistha means 'most excellent, best, richest'.

Vasisthasana is a challenging pose which promotes balance and strength. Interestingly research has shown it's potential benefits for scoliosis when practiced only on the weaker convex side (the side toward which the spine is curved). 

This arm balance strengthens the shoulders, wrists and arms as well as toning your core. It also improves nervous balance.

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Home Practice for Intermediates

Home Practice For Intermediates

In order to keep safe and practice Ahinsa (non-harming), restrict your home practice to asanas (postures) you know well. If Sun Salutations are part of your usual practice, this is a simple flowing series of postures which will improve strength and flexibility of the muscles and spinal column. Any postures within the Sun salutation can be held for extra breaths within this flowing sequence. Try to add familiar, favourite asanas into the Sun Salutation to expand your home practice. Remember practice makes practice, not necessarily perfection. Have fun and breathe.....

Remember that standing postures build strength and stamina; balances calm the mind, improving poise and focus; twists, forward and backbends improve alignment and help the spine to stay flexible and youthful. Backbends open the way for twists. Twists loosen the hips and shoulders creating deeper forward bends.

Always begin by gentle forward bending (a natural movement), followed by backbends then twists. Finish with a forward bend.

I have added a 30 minute home practice plan which you should be able to print off. It's from Jason Crandell's free blog which is a useful resource. The sequence is perfectly planned for a short home practice. Try holding the poses with your eyes closed and breathe slowly.