Focus on Headstand

Inversions revitalize the whole body. Turning the body upside down reverses the effects of gravity, flooding the brain with nourishment. 

Specific Benefits: strengthens neck, shoulders & arms. Energising, soothing & calming; clears the mind.

Private Tuition

One to one tuition is available upon request

Welcome To Emma Petitt Yoga



Yoga for You Forever

As a British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher, I am committed to providing the highest standard of yoga instruction.

Yoga is a powerful tool, accessible to all, leading towards a healthier lifestyle. Yoga, for me, is about restoring the body - invigorating and rejuvenating; strengthening and opening both the physical body and the mind.

I teach yoga from what I experience through my own practise as well as through observation of my students within a fusion of different styles of yoga, combining Iyengar alignment and the deep Scaravelli-style journey into postures with meditatively flowing vinyasas. 

The Classes

I run weekly gentle Hatha yoga suitable for Beginners; Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Led yoga classes in the Pewsey Vale and Marlborough areas of Wiltshire, UK. I also run 2 hour extended yoga classes on Saturday mornings once a term for those wishing to deepen their practise. The next Saturday workshop will take place on Saturday 13th October  and will be an intermediate level vinyasa flow practice with some postures being held for an extended time to allow for a deeper release.