Focus on Vasisthasana - Side Plank Pose

Vasistha means 'most excellent, best, richest'.

Vasisthasana is a challenging pose which promotes balance and strength. Interestingly research has shown it's potential benefits for scoliosis when practiced only on the weaker convex side (the side toward which the spine is curved). 

This arm balance strengthens the shoulders, wrists and arms as well as toning your core. It also improves nervous balance.

Private Tuition

One to one tuition is available upon request


Cost of Classes


Classes cost  £9 per 90 minute session depending on the venue or £7.50/£8 per 75 minute session depending on the class.

Group Classes run as courses on a half termly basis, and as such usually run in 6-7 week blocks. 

Drop-in class rate is now £10 per class but please check before coming as some classes are full and/or drop-in is not suitable for that class.

Students are welcome to try one of my classes before committing.

75 minute private yoga tuition can be arranged upon request, I charge £60 per class.