Eka Pada Ardhva Dhanurasana - One Legged Wheel Pose
  • eka = one
  • pāda = foot or leg
  • ūrdhva = upward
  • dhanu = bow
  • āsana = posture 

Strengthens the arms, wrists, legs, buttocks, abs, and spine. Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary. Increases energy and counteracts depression. Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility, and osteoporosis.


Private Tuition

One to one tuition is available upon request

Weekend Workshops

Rejuvenating Outdoor Yoga 

crescent pose

Relax with Yoga on the Lawn

Saturday 8th June; 29th June & 13th July


Avebury Manor Garden


Booking essential, £12, through National Trust

Call 03442491895 or book online