Welcome To Emma Petitt Yoga


May Update: 

The current term of yoga finishes on Thursday 23rd May. The next term of yoga is 7 weeks long and will run from Monday 3rd June until Thursday 25th July 2024.

I am often asked what tradition of yoga I teach. Well, in answer, my teaching style and focus is constantly evolving. I teach Hatha Yoga with Somatics, self-massage using weighted balls and myofascial releases to make your time on the mat with me as effective and beneficial as possible.  My aim is to help you sense your body more effectively allowing you to gain greater control over yourself, learning to flow with the stress and trauma of life; like a cork floating on top of the waves. Supple yet strong.

I teach weekly yoga classes both in-person and online through Zoom. This means that if, for any reason you miss your usual class, you may be able to attend an alternative in-person class or an online class, live or recorded.

I would encourage those of you who have enjoyed practising yoga with me more frequently over the last year to attend both an in-person class and the live-streamed classes - quite literally the best of both worlds! 

The physical practices of yoga are excellent for preventing and mitigating the tendency towards kyphosis (upper back rounding) and head forward caused by habitual slouching (text neck). Regular, gentle and dynamic back bending can help maintain erect psture as the body naturally ages. Yoga practised together with mindfulness techniques has never been more important to help calm your nervous system, to increase the strength of the breath and to have a break from the constant nerve stimulation and mind-chatter. The best way to stay calm is to learn how to effectively connect with the breath; being present in the moment as you move your body. Now is a time to slow down, pause, reflect. 

Online content:
For a weekly payment of £10, you can attend both of my online classes per week - either attending the class live-streamed or on record.  For £6, you can attend one class per week.