Student Testimonials

I asked my yoga students to write about their experience of practising yoga with me so I could create a testimonials page on my website. In order to optimise the benefits of practising yoga, both the mental and physical, it is important to find the right yoga teacher. I felt that adding a Testimonials page onto my website would create a helpful resource, allowing someone to hear an honest account of what it is like to be taught yoga by me. Here is a selection of what they sent me, the most recent testimonial (in green) was sent to be a few weeks ago!

Hello Emma,

Just wanted to say thank you for sending the recordings and how much we enjoyed the Tuesday evening session.  We did it just now and feel delightfully relaxed. I love the Yoga Nidras. We did the Ashtanga yesterday (good workoutšŸ˜¬). We do appreciate the variety and reach in your classes, and the thought and preparation you put in to give attention to all elements of body and mind (even though some are super challenging!).
Thank you for keeping us sane and fit. I&M

 I first met Emma in October 2017 following a recommendation. Over the previous twenty years, I had had constant problems with my lower back. The issue was that it would click out of place leading to extreme stiffness and sometimes significant pain. As a consequence I was having to go to the chiropractor on a regular basis to have it manipulated back into place, only to find that a couple of weeks later it had to be done again. I explained all this to Emma and we started a regular weekly practice of yoga poses designed to prevent the back clicking out in the first place. Subsequently we have moved onto a far wider range of stretches designed to help the whole body.  The extraordinary thing is that right from the word go I felt better and have not had to visit the chiropractor once since meeting Emma. I am a keen golfer and without a doubt the work I have done with her has also helped considerably in that area.  Emma is a superb yoga instructor and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.” JS

"I have practiced yoga with Emma since she first started teaching in the Vinyasa Style and really enjoy the sequencing of yoga poses. Emma teaches in a very considerate way, taking into account how we, as students, feel on the day and she helps us all to work at our own pace.  I am often tired before a practice but know that once I enter the class, all the stresses and strains of the day begin to fade away. Afterwards, I feel balanced, focused, stronger and rejuvenated.  I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. She is a very calm, kind and fun teacher, with a wealth of knowledge!" LF

Emma’s classes are friendly and relaxed and you always feel supported in whatever you are doing. I love the fact that the content is always changing - not knowing what is coming next keeps me interested and motivated! There is always the opportunity to challenge yourself, depending on how you feel on the day, and I am so pleased with how much stronger and more flexible I have become since starting yoga with Emma.” SH

"Over the years I have had many different yoga teachers, all good in their own ways but I can unequivocally say that Emma is the best. She has a clear no-fuss approach to her teaching and is always meticulously prepared with well thought out lesson plans. Both my wife and myself have benefitted enormously from her tuition." RB

Emma is, without question, the most able and thoughtful yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure to work with.  Her knowledge is meticulous and wide ranging and she can offer adjustments to a pose to suit every individual need and ability.  The atmosphere of her classes is one of relaxed and inclusive good humour.  She is calm, supportive - always warm and smiling.  It is a pleasure to step into her classes.“ JM

“I have had lower back pain for 20 years as a result of wear and tear from playing football and squash. It was recommended that Yoga might help, after 3 months of Emma's classes the pain had pretty much disappeared, I am now far more flexible and consider Emma's weekly classes to be essential maintenance." GH
Emma is an excellent teacher with a very sound knowledge of yoga. She is very approachable and can accommodate any injuries or physical problems as she offers a multilevel approach in all her classes.“ SM
Emma is a fantastic teacher, she ensures everyone is able to work to their ability - but encourages you and gives you options to push yourself.  She also demonstrates new moves before asking you to follow.  There is always a very friendly relaxed atmosphere at Emma’s classes,“ VM
"A combination of Emma's patience, professionalism and personality has renewed the flexibility in my body after 40 years at a desk in the City." RL