Weekly Class Timetable

Emma Petitt Yoga 

February 2024:  This term finishes on Thursday 8th February. But, never fear, the new term starts on Monday 19th February. The term runs until Thursday 28th March 2024. 

Decisions decisions!! You can attend one or more in-person class(es) per week; you can practice online with me from the comfort of your own home in your pyjamas with your dog; you can also opt for both in-person and online. Online options? I offer a standard weekly pass for £6 to attend one class or recording per week or £10 to both classes with access to recordings. The next term is six weeks long; therefore, the online term payment is either £36 or £60. 

In-person Classes: January - February Term
Day Time Duration Style Location Cost
Monday 12.30pm 60 min Private Group - £9/class Milton Lilbourne Village Hall, SN9 5LQ 6 weeks £54
Monday 6pm 60 min Hatha Yoga - £8/class Enford Village Hall, SN9 6DD 6 weeks £48
Tuesday 9.15am 75 min Vinyasa Flow - £11/class Marlborough Youth & Community Centre, SN8 4BA 6 weeks £66
Tuesday 7.15pm 75 min Yoga For Men - £11/class Mildenhall Village Hall, SN8 2NY 6 weeks £66
Wednesday 10.00am 60 min Gentle Hatha Yoga - £9/class Milton Lilbourne Village Hall, SN9 5LQ 6 weeks £54
Wednesday 11.15am 60 min Hatha Yoga - £9/class Milton Lilbourne Village Hall, SN9 5LQ 6 weeks £54
Thursday 9.15am 75 min Ashtanga Yoga - £10/class Rushall Village Hall, SN9 6EN 6 weeks £60

Livestream Classes on Zoom (also available on Record):
 Day   Time Duration  Class Style
 Monday 10.30am  60 mins  Creative Core Conditioning
 Wednesday 8.00am  60 mins  Hatha Yoga