Home Practice

Home Practice

In order to keep safe and practice Ahinsa (non-harming), restrict your home practice to asanas (postures) you know well. If Sun Salutations are part of your usual practice, this is a simple flowing series of postures which will improve strength and flexibility of the muscles and spinal column. Any postures within the Sun salutation can be held for extra breaths within this flowing sequence. Try to add familiar, favourite asanas such as Warrior II into the Sun Salutation to expand your home practice.

Remember that Standing Postures build strength and stamina; Balances calm the mind, improving poise and focus; Twists, Forward and Backbends improve alignment and help the spine to stay flexible and youthful. Backbends open the way for twists. Twists loosen the hips and shoulders creating deeper forward bends.

Always begin by gentle forward bending (a natural movement), followed by backbends then twists. Finish with a forward bend.


I have a You Tube Channel, Emma Petitt Yoga, which has a new 20 min Daily Practice video for you. Please follow the link or find it on You Tube.


 Please find below links to a recording of my Thursday morning class which is a modified version of the Primary Series of Astanga Yoga. This class has been recorded in 3 segments. Part 1 can be practised on it's own or as a warmup for Part 2 and/or Part 3.