Information for Students

What to Expect from the Class

The class is 75 or 90 minutes long. The class begins with a short centering to still the mind before a warmup to prepare the body properly for asana work (either dynamic flowing posture work or spending more time in postures to work them more deeply). The class ends with breathing or pranayama practice followed by 10-15 minutes relaxation at the end.

What You Need to Bring 

You will need a yoga mat, ideally 5 blocks, a yoga brick, a yoga strap and a blanket.

General Instructions

  1. Wear comfortable clothing suitable for posture work, bring socks and a warm layer to wear during relaxation.
  2. Please arrive in good time before the class starts and make sure your mobile phone is switched off.
  3. Please show consideration towards fellow students by not chatting (too much!) during the class.
  4. It is important to practise yoga on a relatively empty stomach. It is best to leave a gap of at least two hours between eating a heavy meal and attending a yoga class.
  5. Please remember that yoga is non-competitive. Everyone is unique and will be working at different levels.

Try to concentrate on your own practise. ''It does not matter how far forward you can bend, for where-ever the point of resistance lies is the place where you have the greatest opportunity to learn and to change", Donna Farhi, Mind, Body & Spirit.